J-ALICE RebeccaAIML Partnership (JRP) is still in the planning stages.

Once it is complete it will be an extension to the AIML language to allow IRC commands to be processed through the AIML language. This will follow the same ideas and philosophies originally concieved by the J-ALICE project. I took over this project to breath new life into the AIML IRC concept and to revive J-ALICE enough to carry her great name. Once J-ALICE is rebuilt she will use Rebecca's core AIML engine but add her own compatiblity layer to communicate over IRC.

You can find the old site here for those wishing to view the legacy and download it. This site and those downloads are no longer maintained.

JRP is open source and licensed under the LGPL license.

Any questions about this please drop me a line: Frank


2006.03.21 - Press Releas

I just released information and site update with the older site now under legacy management. I am hoping to move quickly to create a new infrastructure and new J-ALICE utilizing the RebeccaAIML engine.