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The Power Of One

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IRC PassThru Server


The IRC PassThru Server is a small nifty IRC Server built into J-Alice. However, it isn't your average IRC Server. Instead, it allows you to take direct control over your bot.


First, the bot must be connected to an IRC Server for the PassThru Server to run. Also, each PassThru Server is unique to it's connection. That is, you can optionally have one, and only one PassThru Server for each IRC Server.

Secondly, you will need a normal IRC Client (such as mIRC for Windows, Epic or BitchX for Linux, or Vision for BeOS). Using your IRC Client, you can connect to the bot. If the bot is on the same machine as your IRC Client, then the server/host would be "localhost", and the port will be the value you specified in the configuration settings. Your IRC Client will then connect to the bot's IRC Server (if it's running)

The Power Of One

Only one person can be connected to the PassThru Server at a time. If you reconnect, or someone else connects to it, the current user will be booted (disconnected) from the PassThru Server.

Once you are connected, the bot will no longer be able to talk, but that can be remedied. You can do anything a normal user can do, as you are transparently connected to the IRC Server through the bot. If you need to identify with nickserv, join channels that require passwords, or some other stuff, you can use the PassThru Server connection to do this for the bot. Heck, you can even pretend to be the bot.

Whilst connected, by default, the bot cannot talk no more. However, sending /aitoggle, or if your client refuses to obey, sending /raw aitoggle will toggle the bot's ability to talk. The PassThru Server will let you know if the bot can talk or not. When you disconnect, the bot will automatically be able to talk once again.

One other note: if the bot is already on a channel, but your client doesn't show the window, just do /join #channelname. A small hack has been incorporated to make the PassThru Server imitate a join if necessary, else you wouldn't be able to join the channel .. and what use would a god be if he couldn't see!

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